PMR - an introductionΒΆ

The Physiome Model Repository, PMR, includes the CellML and FieldML repositories, and is powered by software called PMR2. PMR relies on the distributed version control system Mercurial (Hg), which allows the repository to maintain a complete history of all changes made to every file contained within repository workspaces. In order to use the Physiome Model Repository, you will need to obtain a Mercurial client for your operating system, and become familiar with the basic functions of Mercurial. There are many excellent resources available on the internet, such as Mercurial, the definitive guide. Mercurial clients may be downloaded from the Mercurial website, which also provides documentation on Mercurial usage. A graphical alternative to a command-line client is available for Windows, called TortoiseHg. This provides a Windows explorer integrated system for working with Mercurial repositories.

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